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Namibian Hardwood is the very best for Braai / BBQ due it’s its density and low moisture content. It provides long burning and lasting coals for the perfect braai.

Recommended Uses: Braai, Firewood, Fireplace, Combustion Ovens.

About Camel Thorn / Kameeldoring

Camel Thorn is loosely translated from the Afrikaans name “Kameeldoring”, coming from Kameelperd (Giraffe).

Kameeldoring may only be harvested from dead trees under a permit and is taken from branches that fall from the trees due to their exceptional weight.

Our firewood is responsibly cropped with governmental cooperation from our farmers and suppliers. We obtain a harvesting permit that is renewed every 3 months through inspections from the authorities.

Before the wood is exported it is fumigated and certified.

The King of Braai!

* Best Braai/BBQ wood around!
* Solid long-lasting coals
* Extremely hot heat output
* Burns with minimal flame
* Musky aromatic (Bushveld)
* Lowest moisture content
* Long burn time
* Red/orange flame
* Heavy dense wood type