Portable Stainless Steel Camper Braai


Portable Stainless Steel 530 x 400 x 120mm Camper Braai with side panels. Easy assembly with self-locking trays that hook onto the legs. On top of the braai are 2 levers on each side to adjust the angle of your braai height. You can even adjust it to put a braai at an angle to braai a rib on long-lasting SupaBraai hardwood.


– Removable side trays with self-locking feature (fit inside the dishwasher)
– Removable legs have a self-locking feature
– Base plate for making fire and helps coals last longer
– Adjustable cross-arms have a variety of different uses
– Easy cleaning by removing legs and side trays.
– Flat sides to easily scrape out ashes
– Side ports in bin sides for extra air on coals
– Standard 340X430 slide in handle grid fit inside braai for storage
– Braai grid is not included

– Standard grid and adjust grid height
– Flat base pots on top and adjust the height
– Braai rib on the side while making fire
– Adjust close together for braai broodjie grid
– Adjust to the centre to keep several pots warm

• 2 removable side trays
• 4 removable legs
• 1 base plate
• 1 1.6mm thick braai bin
• Carry Bag
• 6 months warranty

Additional information

Weight 8,7 kg
Dimensions 400 × 530 × 120 cm